Often, memories we have as children remain in our unconscious and affect us as adults, although we may not be aware of this. Sigmund
Freud believed many of these memories become latent (still exist but we are unaware of them) in our unconscious, but can still be accessed
through our dreams.

My work makes use of the toy (particularly horses) to represent these childhood memories that make up the adult psyche. I use the book to
create a journey, travelling through layers of the unconscious as the pages are turned. The horse is symbolic of my own childhood, as well
as many young girls dreams and fantasies. It is also a symbol of journeying, freedom, and innocence.

The blue fuzzy quality of the images creates an ephemeral, deep, dream like atmosphere

time to wake up...2001.16 page digitally produced book24 x 18 cms (closed)


the necessity for dream 2001. Digitally printed book, 12 pages,11.5cm x 8.5cm (closed).



pen guinote 2002- Digitally printed book,16 pages, 31.5cm x 25cm (closed).



untitled 2001. Photograph, tracing paper, letter transfers the lark ending 2000. Photocopy on acetate and paper


'Latent' 2001. Envelopes,rubber stamps,cyanotype print on paper which fades on contact with u.v. light (to be saved by placing in water for 1 minute).



'Budget Budgies' 2012. Screen printed and handcoloured with watercolours, ribbon.