March 2011

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October 2010

I will be having a stand at the Landmark Art Fair 16 -17th October

New Owls! Will be on sale at Landmark Art Fair

Buffy Fish Owl oil on canvas with glass eyes and mixed media 16 x 12 inches
Barred Eagle Owl oil on canvas with glass eyes and mixed media 14 x 10 inches
Elf Owl oil on canvas with glass eyes and mixed media 8 x 10 inches



August 2010

Dodo painting commissioned to become part of Ralfe Whistler's collection at The Dodo House, Battle.


Ácwincan oil on canvas with liquid gold leaf and glass eye. 16 x 16 inches.

"Ácwincan" is Old English, meaning extinct. An extinct language to represent an extinct bird. The flora and fauna decorating the border are from the island of Mauritius, where the dodo lived. The birds portrayed are Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius Kestrel and the Mauritius Parakeet. The flowers are Trochetia, Red Anthurium and White Lotus. All of the birds, and some of the flowers, are endangered; under threat of going the same way as the dodo. The beautiful colours of the Mauritius birds and flowers reminded me of Italian Renaissance book illumination, which inspired the concept and composition of the painting. The dodo has a glass eye, as used in taxidermy, which catches the light due to the reflective material behind it. The eye follows the viewer round the room, a constant reminder of the fate of its kin.


May 2010

New Clouded Leopard,Gibbon and Langur Monkey paintings, inspired by my trip to Borneo last summer. They have my trade mark glass eyes giving a eerie sense of being watched.

Langur Monkey oil and mixed media on canvas
Gibbon oil and mixed media on canvas
Clouded leopard (1) oil and mixed media on canvas
Clouded leopard (2) oil and mixed media on canvas
Clouded leopard (3) oil and mixed media on canvas


May 14th - 16th 2010

'Battersea Contemporary Art Fair'

I will be selling work at the Battersea Contemporary Art Fair this year.


November 27th - December 1st 2009

'Fantasy Zoo'

Group Exhibition curated by Garudio Studiage
The Crypt Gallery
St Pancras Church
Euston Road

I will be exhibiting a series of 4 'life size' animal drawings at this exhibtion:

HATE REALITY? LOVE ANIMALS? SKINT? Garudio Studiage have the perfect project for you with our latest collaborative venture, the Garudio Studiage ‘Fantasy Zoo’.

Garudio have chosen 30 of their favourite artists to receive an imaginary budget of £10,000 to ‘buy’ animals anywhere they can find them and create the zoo of their dreams. The rules are strict but the outcome is open, so expect everything from balloon giraffes to ornamental cats all created with a careful budget in mind.

The exhibition takes place in the ancient and sprawling crypt space of St Pancras Church in Euston, a location that lends itself perfectly to the fanstastical theme. Corridors and crannies will be packed with all forms of animal life…

Tiger - pencil on paper 200 x 100 cm





October 22nd - December 16th 2009

'A Unicorn Compendium'

Solo exhibition at:
Westbourne Grove Church ArtSpace
Westbourne Grove (corner of Ledbury Road)
London W11 2RW
020 7034 0500

Open Mon - Wed & Fri 9-5pm, weekend times vary, please call first to check.

An exhibtion comprising of oil paintings, drawing and prints of various interpretations of the unicorn.

There are many animals caught up in the unicorn legend, which have been commingled over time to produce various descriptions of the mysterious beast. These include the rhinoceros, the ibex, goat, ox, narwhal, okapi, and even the orang-utan!

These vague and ambiguous descriptions have been worked upon by the imaginations of artists and writers over time, and so I am adding mine. The story of the unicorn has been intertwined with those of real animals, most just as strange and fascinating themselves, and reveal just as much about us and our engagement with the natural word, as they do about the unicorn itself.

My paintings are all based on horses and ponies indigenous to the UK and Eire, making the most ordinary equines of our country extraordinary – or perhaps making the extraordinary unicorn ordinary?

The ‘life size’ drawing of a unicorn thundering towards us takes its title ('Unicorn from The Stars') from the play by Yeats, where a young man experiences visions of unicorns trampling the ground. He struggles to interpret its meaning and symbolism, in a way what humans have been doing through the ages in their chase of the unicorn.


connemara - oil on canvas fell pony - oil on canvas Shire - oil on canvas