Souvenir of a Tiger
2000 Badges pinned to canvas (180 x 120 cm).
Made in response to a visit to London Zoo, for an exhibition entitled “Zoo-a-logical’ at Knapps Gallery, Regents park 2005.
I decided to use the different colours of the tiger to represent the 4 breeds of tiger, not yet extinct, but the most endangered. Three of these
are so rare they are on the critically endangered list – Siberian (or Amurian) with less than 400 (black badges), Sumatran with less than 500
(orange badges), and the South China Tiger with less than 30 (pink badges). The Indo - Chinese Tiger is on the endangered list, with over
1000 left (white badges).

One of the reasons for the tiger being threatened is because it is still hunted in the wild for sport, the fur trade and traditional medicine. Often
souvenirs are collected from the tigers for the hunters, or to sell, such as teeth and claws. I thought it ironic that places like London Zoo sell
souvenirs such as badges to help raise funds and awareness of such practices, while in their native countries they sell souvenirs of dead tigers
that are contributing to their rapid decline. Visit save the tiger fund here.



souvenir of a tiger 2000 badges pinned to canvas