Through classification humans attempt to make order from nature:
Animal - Mammal - Carnivora - Canidae (Dog Like Mammals) - Canini  (related to wolves).
Dogs: Terriers, Hounds, Working, Toy, Sporting, Utility, Pastoral .
Terriers: Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, West Highland… the list goes on!
A common application of alliteration is in books intended for children learning about letters, or for characters in a story book. In this series of oil paintings it is applied to the titles of the paintings (dog breed and background colour), adding a sense of poetry to the exhibition.


Afghan in Apple Border Collie in Boysenberry Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Cotton Candy Dalmation in Daffodil Estrella Mountain Dog in Emerald


French Bull Dog in Fashion Fuchsia Golden Retriever in Glaucous Husky in Honeydew Irish Red Setter in Ivory Japanese Akita in Jade Keeshond in Kelly Green Labradoodle in Lemon


Maltese in Magic Mint Neopolitan Mastiff in Nadeshiko Pink Old English Sheep Dog in Ocean Boat Blue Poodle in Purple Pizzazz


Queensland Healer in Quartz Rough Collie in Raspberry Schnauzer in Sapphire Tibetan Mastiff in Teal Utonagan in Ube


Volpino in Verdigris West Highland Terrier in Wild Blue Yonder Xoloitzcuintli in Xanadu Yorkshire Terrier in Yellow Zwergteckel in Zaffre