The Red List is a list of Threatened Species put together by the IUCN (The World Conservation Union), who have created a system for
assessing whether a species is threatened and, if so, the severity of the risk - Critically Endangered, Endangered or vulnerable. I
painted one animal or plant from 11 different categories of species, (Primates, Ungulates, Elephants & Rhinos, Rodents, Bats, Dolphins
& Whales, Reptiles & Amphibians, Invertebrates, Fish, Birds, and Plants) each of which is on the list. All oil on canvas, 12 x 10 inches to
16 x 12 inches.



mountain gorilla giant tortoise monarch butterfly oceanic whitetip shark blue whale


wild bluebell vancouver island marmot barn owl przewalski's horse golden-capped fruit bat black rhino