ArtCan Exhibitions galore!

2023 so far has been a great start to being a member of ArtCan, as I have so far been acepted in to three exhibitions with them, and also a fourth coming up that is for everyone in the network.

First off I took part in ‘Alchemical’, which was curated by Catherine Sweet of BobCat Gallery, and focused ‘on the materials and processes which create each piece, as well as the finished works themselves – hearkening to the medieval practice of alchemy, and involving seemingly magical transformations, creations, or combinations.’

The piece I had in this was one of my feather cyanotypes, ‘Sadr A (10)’ (named after the star from the Cygnus Constellation and printed using some swan feathers found in St. James’ Park London). The exhibition was on from 18th – 28th April 2023 at Gallery 475, Fulham Road, London. You can view the catalogue online here.

Next up I am also in their 10 year anniversary show called, aptly, ‘Anniversary 10 x 10’, and the theme was… anniversary! I entered a couple of my cyanotypes of swan pairs I had photographed, as swan pairs are often used in anniversary cards, as they are seen as a symbol of fidelity, due to them usually pairing for life, and the one I had taken in Battersea park (‘Swan pair – Wandsworth’) was selected for the show. This show has been curated by Sandy Layton and Day Bowman.

The exhibition has been a great celebration of 10 years of this organisation, and it really is an incredible achievement by the founder, Kate Enters, and the rest of the team, with a seemingly unending supply of exhibitions for members to apply to to help promote artists and their work, with a network across the world.

At the time of writing the exhibition is still on at Hansard Studio, Shepherds Bush, until 28th May, so be sure to pop along and see all the fantastic art on offer!

I will also soon be taking part in the exhibition ‘Amplify’, which is to be held at New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts – going international! This exhibition was specifically for video art, so it gave me a reason to experiment with video and cyanotypes. I will write a separate blog post about this, once it is open, as it deserves its own post about just how difficult this turned out to be (mainly weather issues…)! More about this soon, but it will be live in the gallery in New Zealand June 6th-18th 2023. For now here is a still from my video ‘Accretion’.

Finally (for now!) look out for the fundraising exhibition ‘From ArtCan, With Love’, where all artists in the network donate a postcard sized piece of art, and they will all be for sale at £40 each. The live event will take place on Tuesday 11th July at Bermondsey Project Space.