Big Cats of Britain

Big Cats of Britain is a design I came up with a while ago, for a tea towel for Garudio Studiage. More recently I decided it worthy of being slightly adapted and being made available as a print. It is the result of much time spent researching supposed big cats sightings in the U.K. – some more believable and credible than others! I think my favourite is the South Wales Panther, said to be ‘100% a cuddly toy’ by the British Big Cat Society!

All illustrations are from original hand drawings.

The print is on high quality archival digital print on Somerset velvet radiant white paper, 400 x 500 mm £60, edition of 99. Buy it on the Garudio Studiage Shop here, or if you still want the tea towel, we still have a few left here.

Big Cats of Britain by Anna Walsh