Budget Budgies

‘Budget Budgies’, an artist’s book, is now complete! It is screen printed on hanhemuehle etching paper, then hand coloured in water colours, with ribbon. There will be an edition of 25.

It is inspired by the cut-throat world of budgerigar shows and natural history illustrations, ‘Budget Budgies’ celebrates the weird world of champion budgerigar breeding and gives it a high street twist.

The bizarre yet beautiful book, spots the similarities between budgie breeding and budget high street brands, creating a wonderfully exotic display of feathered friends. Whilst budgie owners obsess over pedigrees, colours and fanciful names, high street brands battle to grab the attention with bright logos and catchy slogans.

 With a bird for each brand, the hand drawn budgies have been ‘bred’ to sport the shops’ corporate colours and given suitably lavish names, incorporating brand slogans, shedding new light on our familiar urban environment.

One side of the concertina book has bars printed all over, giving the impression of a cage with the budgies inside, if it is displayed in this way.

This screen printed tag attached to the inside is based on tags budgie breeders tie to cages at shows.