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The North and South Circular Celestial Menageries

Although I’m not a big believer of astrology, the visual language and stories of star signs and mapping the sky have always fascinated me, and how certain myths and legends became intertwined with the star constellations. It is a system that combines both the poetic symbol and hard fact, describing the relationship between the invisible …

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The Stripe Set screen print

A new screen print I have been working on for a while is now available on the Garudio Studiage shop here. I had been looking at ways of portaying a group of animals with some visual similarlites – in this case ones with stripes! To get away from the formal  style of some of my …

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Victorian Ruffs

Oh dear I haven’t posted anything for a while, not because i have not been busy! A new print ‘Victorian Ruffs’ is here, all new illustrations and based on the same book I used for the Hounds of Histoy cards. My favourite quote has to be about Scotch Colleys (now called Rough collies), “There has …

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