Domestic animals

From pets to farm animals, these artworks explore relationships between humans and domestic animals

Dante in (fake) furlough

Colour pencil drawing of my pet dog Dante sleeping on the sofa during the first lockdown in early 2020. Pets became an even more important part of peoples lives during lockdowns, giving much needed company and anxiety relief. Lockdown puppies became a phenomenon and we are yet to see the consequences of this as people now begin to return to work and animal charities brace themselves to be inundated with pets people can no longer look after.

New Forest Pony Pastel Drawings

New Forest ponies are one of the British Isles native breeds and can be found wandering freely around the National Park of the New Forest. In these pastel drawings I have captured some of them in their habitat in various places in the Dorset and Hampshire countryside. I found pastels great for expressing the textures and colours of the ponies and foliage around them.

Bay new Forest Pony (Burley), pastel on paper, 12 x 16 inches

Walking New Forest Pony (Burley), pastel on paper, 12 x 16 inches

New Forest Pony on Alert (Stanpit Marsh), pastel on paper, 16 x 12 inches


A common application of alliteration is in books intended for children learning about letters, or for characters in a storybook. In this series of paintings it is applied to the dog breed and the background colour, adding a sense of poetry and highlighting the myriad of dog breeds and names of colours.

Afghan in Apple; Border Collie in Boysenberry; Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Cotton Candi; Dalmatian in Daffodil; Estrella Mountain Dog in Emerald; French Bulldog in Fashion Fusia; Golden Retriever in Glaucous; Husky in Honeydew; Irish Red Setter in Ivory; Japanese Akita in Jade; Keeshond in Kelly Green; Labradoodle in Lemon; Maltese in Mint; Neapolitan Mastiff in Nadeshiko Pink; Old English Sheep Dog in Ocean Boat Blue; Poodle in Purple Pizzazz; Queensland Heeler in Quartz; Rough Collie in Raspberry; Schnauzer in Sapphire; Tibetan Mastiff in Teal; Utonagan in Ute; Volpino in Verdigris; West Highland Terrier in Wild Blue Yonder; Xoloitzcuintli in Xanadu; Yorkshire Terrier in Yellow; Zwergteckel in Zaffre.

Unicorne Paintings

There are many animals caught up in the unicorn legend, which have been commingled over time to produce various descriptions of the mysterious beast. These include the rhinoceros, the ibex, goat, ox, narwhal, okapi, and even the orang-utan! These vague and ambiguous descriptions have been worked upon by the imaginations of artists and writers over time, and so I am adding mine. The story of the unicorn has been intertwined with those of real animals, most just as strange and fascinating themselves, and reveal just as much about us and our engagement with the natural word, as they do about the unicorn itself. My paintings are all based on horses and ponies indigenous to the UK and Eire, making the most ordinary equines of our country extraordinary – or perhaps making the extraordinary unicorn ordinary? They are all 12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas.