Maps and mapping

A Selection of artworks informed by maps and cartography

Big Cats of Britain
Big Cats of Britain is a tongue in cheek guide to mystery big cat sightings in the British Isles. The desire for excitement in the tedium of everyday life has lead to various legends being born of wild beasts roaming our (usually) quite and peaceful countryside, terrorising the neighbourhoods . Or perhaps it was just a plastic bag. Created using original hand drawn illustrations.
High Quality archival Inkjet Print on High Quality Archival Paper 2017 40 x 50 cms

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Wanderers In The Re-Wilderness

Hand coloured digital print 420 x 594 mmThis print is based on the board game ‘Wallis’s New Game of Wanderers in the Wilderness’ published in the early 19th century, a hand coloured geographical race game describing the wonders to be found in South America. My version describes an imagined vision of a re-wilded Britain, with wolves, bears, bison, lynx and more!

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The London Cat Map
This wholly unscholarly, meticulously hand drawn, cat-o-graphic map illustrates the history of felines in the capital. Londoners, along with the rest of the UK, love their cats and the city is teaming with cat related stories, works of art and historical anecdotes (as well as ACTUAL cats).  Having trawled many books and the internet (the home of cat facts and fiction), as well as the streets of London, I have picked out some of my favourite quirky cats of the capital to illustrate and create the purr-fect plan.
High Quality archival Inkjet Print on High Quality Archival Paper 2017 59.4 x 42 cms

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Dogs of London Map
A species is a natural phenomenon, a breed is engineered by man, and none more profoundly than the dog. No other species has been used to create such a huge variety of odd looking creatures, and yet each has its own individual character and appeal, much like the different areas in London. From the affluent Knightsbridge to the edgy east end, the suited City to the suburban Crouch End, different postcodes attract different residents and so build up its unique make-upThis tongue in cheek map illustrates where each dog ‘lives’ in London. It is inspired by traditional map drawings, especially of London, where the river Thames more often than not takes centre stage, splitting the city in half with its curvaceous, winding form. Each of the 35 dogs is placed in their postcode area, with an ‘explanation’ to the sides giving a brief description of each breed. Much of the text is taken from the book ‘Champions Dogs of the World’ by Richard Hamilton Glyn, as Walsh found the descriptions of the dogs often uncannily describing the inhabitants of certain areas….Archival Giclee Print From Original Hand Drawings, On Soft Textured Natural White 315 Gsm Paper 84.1cm x 59.4cm 2011

Peckham Cat Walk
A map of all things cat in SE15 (this may not quite be true, as least some things cat in SE15).This originally hand drawn print provides a snapshot of cat life in Peckham in 2011. Some cats are still there, some have moved on..
Poster print 42 x 59 cm

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‘A Physical Map of Ireland, with vacuum inbetween’
I was invited to take part in an exhibition ‘Super Duper Nova’ in Denmark – curated and organized by a secret club, bringing together a host of international designers and artists.
Every artist sent 6-8 snippets of collage to another artist who then made a collage using those pieces based on the theme “stars”. Well, have to say the ‘stars’ theme was tough and a bit lacking in my collage!! There wasalso be a full colour zine produced with each piece in and an image of the original pieces. My page is below, photo by Schhh. My piece is a comment on the history of emigration from Ireland, and how it affects the country left behind.