New website new blog

I feel like I have not posted anything new either here or on social media for ages…. part of the reason is I have been making a new website!

My previous website was built with Adobe Portfolio, and although that has worked well, it relies on me having an up-to-date Adobe subscription, and as I had been having trouble with this for various reasons (not working on an old lap top for one) I decided it was better to move it to a more reliable place. So I have been teaching myself WordPress, and voila! here is my new website and also blog! My previous blog has been imported here, so although this is the first post on the ‘new’ platform, you can still see previous posts. Lucky you.

Getting to grips with WordPress has taken some time, but I think it will be worth it as it has so many layers to it it is more flexible than most template based websites. My first website was made with Dreamweaver, in the days before template based website builders existed! This was great for getting it to do exactly what I wanted, but was much more complicated to update. WordPress seems like a good bridge in between – easy to update but also some creative freedom. I used Astra theme incase you are interested. Here are some pictures of my main three website incarnations to date:

My first website, built with Dreamweaver. I even hand drew the lettering for the titles – made it very difficult to edit!!

Second incarnation of my website, built with Adobe Portfolio. Worked well, but I could never quite get it to do exactly what I wanted!

Latest website incarnation (to date), built with WordPress.