My work explores human interactions with the natural world. I am interested in fiction, hearsay and anecdotal information as well as that which is factual, and the intersections in between, as these are often the most interesting and revealing about us and our interactions with nature/animals. 

I work with a combination of drawing, photography and digital design.  These often culminate in print-based work, such as screen prints, digital prints and cyanotypes, often informed by maps, charts and diagrams. I blend languages of science and art to create the intricate works that invite the viewer to take a closer look; to find the subtle subversions, often with a wryly humorous undertone.

My most recent work has been working with celestial imagery, particularly based on the star constellation cygnus and our relationship with swans, while exploring the cyanotype process to create limited edition and one-off prints, along with other printmaking techniques.

Research is an important part of my practice, and many hours of reading, searching, visiting exhibitions and listening inform the outcomes, as well as sparking the initial ideas.