The London Cat Map

Having created a Dogs of London Map well as a Peckham Cat Walk map, finally I have a London Cat Map too!
Londoners, along with the rest of the UK, love their cats and the city is teaming with cat related stories, works of art and historical anecdotes (as well as ACTUAL cats).  Having trawled many books and the internet (the home of cat facts and fiction), as well as the streets of London, I have picked out some of my favourite cats of the capital to hand draw then create the purr-fect plan.  I find digital media the most rewarding when creating such a collage, as it gives me the freedom to experiment with layouts and text, as well as make use of my hand drawn illustrations, and I can mix traditional skills with technology.
A great resource for me when researching this was the website, as well as the ever-brilliant Londonist.
This wholly unscholarly cat-o-graphic map illustrates the history of felines in the capital, and can be purchased as a high quality archival digital print from the Garudio Studiage shop