The North and South Circular Celestial Menageries

Although I’m not a big believer of astrology, the visual language and stories of star signs and mapping the sky have always fascinated me, and how certain myths and legends became intertwined with the star constellations. It is a system that combines both the poetic symbol and hard fact, describing the relationship between the invisible (human imagination) and the visible (stars). As a longtime Londoner, and my interest in anthrozoology (interactions between humans and other animals), the stories of animals in the city often capture my imagination. For this series I researched relevant stories that corresponded with those of the animals used to symbolise the star constellations, but were London-centric. The North and South circular references the road that encloses London, and in these prints London boroughs in the south/north feature on the celestial ring-road.
These prints can be bought on the Garudio Studiage shop, and will be exhibited as part of the Woolwich Print Fair, which I am delighted to be taking part in in November (more about that later!).

The North Circular Celestial Menagerie print

The South Circular Celestial Menagerie print