Trafalgar way postcard competition

 A little project during lock-down I entered was The Trafalgar Way postcard competition. The idea was to create a postcard of a scene along the Trafalgar Way route, which runs from Falmouth in Cornwall to The Admiralty in Whitehall, London (the journey of the naval messenger who brought home the news from The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805).

I looked along the route to see which places inspire me, or I know well. As a London resident St.James’s Park is one of my favourite places to visit and see the wildlife, especially the pelicans. There must have been pelicans there in 1805, possibly watching on, as apparently there have been pelicans there since 1664. 

The pelicans of St. James’s Park are a popular tourist attraction, the type of thing a tourist may buy a postcard of, as an unexpected oasis in the centre of busy London. St. James’s Park is a stones throw from the Trafalgar way route, and in the distance you can see the lake, then Horse Guards and I think the Old Admiralty buildings along Whitehall, where the final delivery was made. The style of the postcard also echoes the 1805 era. 

The closing date of the competition was originally in September, but as with many things has been extended until April next year. However, in recognition of those entries already submitted a little halfway home competition was held, and my piece was one of three selected for a prize!

Greeting from the Pelicans of St. James’s Park by Anna Walsh © the artist