Cygnus Nebulosity prints

The titles reference the interstellar world and how we use the connections we have on earth to understand the world beyond. Animals, including swans, are often used to help describe the stars, constellations and other cosmic matter and give explanations as to why they are there. These images of swans are taken from photos I have taken in my home city of London (or sometimes other places I have visited), as this is my connection to nature and wildlife. Living in one of the largest cities in the world, you would expect wildlife encounters to be few and far between, but actually you can get find them all around.

The colour palette of these screen prints is taken from pre-fixed in water cyanotypes, which produce a rich copper and blue image, but it quickly fades or turns to blue when fixed in water. They are two colour screen prints on metallic copper paper, A3 size (297 x 420 mm)

Cygnus Nebulosity Walthamstow
Cygnus Nebulosity Sutton

Cygnus Nebulosity UB2 (Ealing)
Cygnus Nebulosity Christ Church
Cygnus Neblosity Brent reservoir